CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce
CCK Sole Sauce


CCK Sole Sauce

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The ultimate answer to old and yellowed soles! CCK Sole Sauce is the most effective deoxidizing product on the market. It can be used to restore rubber soles on all different types of sneakers.                                                                                                                       

- Developed from multiple premium ingredients with a soothing peppermint scent.                                                                                            

- Restores rubber soles back to their natural factory tint

- Effective on all solid, translucent and glow in the dark soles

- Brightens the glow properties of glow in the dark soles to glow even brighter!
Recommended for use on:
- Translucent (clear/icy) soles

- Glow in the dark soles

- White rubber soles / midsoles

- Rubber toe caps
Directions - How to use:                                                                                   

1. Clean the soles using soap and water

2. Apply Light coat of CCK Sole Sauce to rubber surface

3. Cover tightly with clear saran wrap

4. Leave in UV lighting (Sunlight or Indoor UV Light, etc.)

5. After completed session, clean off old sauce

6. Repeat if necessary                                                                                             

Projected Restores:

8 oz bottle - 9 pairs depending on condition.

16 oz bottle- 18 pairs depending on condition.

32 oz bottle - 36 pairs depending on condition.

(The number of soles you can deoxidize per bottle will vary)


- Try to place shoe as level as possible to avoid run-off onto unwanted areas.

-  Multiple sessions will be necessary for extremely yellowed soles.

- Sole separation may occur in extremely hot weather. We suggest checking on the sneakers periodically.

- We recommend 24 hour sessions when using the indoor method and 2 - 6 hour sessions for the outdoor method.

- This product is formulated for use on rubber.


- All orders will be processed and shipped with a tracking number within 1 business day.

Customer Reviews

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cck sole sauce

Worked great on my Jordan 11

CCK Sole Sauce

Dear Chriscustomkicks!

The sauce is amazing! Started using them days ago, already made up like 6-8 pairs in this time and it is working wonders. Thank you for this again the results are amazing and the customers are happy.

Andrew Santoyo
Great product

It’s a little pricey , I bought once in the last until I found a 30-32oz bottle from another business for about $28.
But by all means CCK showed the best and faster results !

Darryl Thomas
Jordan Cleaner

Great cleaner, just a little pricey

Ian Howes
This is awesome sauce!!

What usually average me with other stuff 4 days now down to one 24 hr session!!