Triple Thermal Paint - Midnight Blue/Navy Blue/Magenta
Triple Thermal Paint - Midnight Blue/Navy Blue/Magenta
Triple Thermal Paint - Midnight Blue/Navy Blue/Magenta
Triple Thermal Paint - Midnight Blue/Navy Blue/Magenta


Triple Thermal Paint - Midnight Blue/Navy Blue/Magenta

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ChrisCustomKicks Leather Paint is a highly concentrated and flexible paint designed to adhere to leather and other surfaces that require strong adhesion. The Thermal Series is a unique line of heat sensitive paint that will transform into 3 completely different colors many times over depending on the surface temperature.  

- Airbrush ready right out of the bottle , but can also be applied with a paint brush. 

- Completely water proof when dry and will not crack or peel when applied correctly.

- Perfect for surfaces that bend and flex like sneakers, purses, canvas, etc...

- Triple Thermal series color transition happens at 82F & 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

- Midnight Blue at temperatures below 82F, Navy Blue at temperatures between 82F & 95F, Magenta at temperatures above 95F.                                                               

For Example - If applied to a pair of sneakers ,the paint will be Navy Blue when walking outside on a hot 85F summer day. Then, when you walk into a cool air conditioned store, you will see the sneakers transition from Navy Blue to Midnight Blue right before your eyes because of the change in temperature!



-  Can be applied with a paint brush or airbrush. Operate airbrush at 35-50 PSI with a 0.5mm tip recommended. 

- Shake well before using. Contents may settle when stored for prolonged periods of time.

- Wipe down surface with acetone prior to painting to promote adhesion. 

- Apply light and even coats for best results. 

- Allow each coat to dry completely before adding the next coat. Will require 5-6 coats for full coverage.

- Colors will be the most vibrant when applied to a white base coat. Darker base coats will require more coats of paint to get a bright color.

- 2 layers of finisher/clear coat are highly recommended to protect the final product. 

- Allow the painted surface to dry for minimum of 24 - 48 hours before use.

- Can switch colors thousands of times. Long term exposure to harsh sunlight can degrade the color changing properties over time.


- All orders will be processed and shipped within 2 business days.


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Willie Blackshire
Great stuff

I’m having so much fun with your Product it’s amazing for real

Marcus Smith

I love it